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Creating Shared Understanding



We aim to educate all  leaders about the power of evaluation, what “good” evaluation looks like, and how to interact with evaluation effectively.

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Workshops & Trainings


We shift mindsets and build skills


We approach evaluation trainings differently. We think focusing on methodologies and definitions of jargon are missing the mark. These don’t mean much if we don’t have a shared understanding of why evaluation is powerful in the first place (spoiler: It’s not about holding people accountable and using data to justify what you are doing). 

We focus first on the power of evaluation and what “good” evaluation looks like.

You can expect:

  • Trainings from the perspective of your nonprofit, not from the perspective of an evaluator, so you are able to connect with the information in a meaningful way.

  • Inspiration and tools focused on evaluation as learning instead of accountability, in effort to help shift your organization’s internal culture.

  • Keynote presentations at nonprofit-focused conferences that focus on the why behind evaluation.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Workshops & Trainings to see where you can find us at an upcoming learning event, or have us come to you with a customized training. 



Client Spotlight: Colorado Nonprofit Association of the Pikes Peak Region

Helping the nonprofit sector think differently about evaluation

How the Colorado Nonprofit Association of the Pikes Peak Region is connecting “evaluation” and “learning” in the minds of their members

Free Resources


We share our knowledge


We are committed to sharing our knowledge and teaching others. It’s essential to achieve our vision of evolving how evaluation is done and perceived.

Elena’s Book


We are changing the conversation about evaluation


Evaluation exists to help purpose-driven organizations improve and better serve their community. But for many, evaluation has become a thorn in their side—a lot of work with limited benefits. It doesn’t have to be that way.  

So far, books about evaluation are written by evaluators for other evaluators, with nothing being done to address the thorn in your side and help find another way.

We are changing that.

Finally, a book about evaluation for non-evaluators.

Our founder, Elena Harman, PhD, has written a groundbreaking book: “Learning on Purpose: How Each Nonprofit Position Can Use Evaluation To Get the Answers They Need”.

You can expect:

  • Reframing evaluation through the lens of thinking and learning, instead of data and accountability

  • Introduction of productive common language for evaluation

  • Understanding of what “good” evaluation looks like

  • Address the unspoken reality of evaluation—it does not live nicely in one department

  • Targeted content and guidance for each unique position or role in your organization


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