The Great Nonprofit Evaluation Reboot: A New Approach Every Staff Member Can Understand

from Charity Channel Press

Finally, a book about evaluation for non-evaluators

You’re not an evaluator by training or trade, but you want to learn about evaluation. So you search for evaluation books on Amazon, and what comes up? Textbooks. Lots and lots of textbooks.

It’s time to change that. Introducing, the first comprehensive book about evaluation for non-evaluators, written by our founder and CEO, Elena Harman.

You can expect:

  • Reframing evaluation through the lens of thinking and learning, instead of data and accountability

  • Introduction of productive common language for evaluation

  • Understanding of what “good” evaluation looks like

  • Address the unspoken reality of evaluation—it does not live nicely in one department

  • Targeted content and guidance for each unique position or role in your organization

Interested in featuring Elena to speak about evaluation as a plenary session?

Elena is available to speak at your next conference or event on these and other topics:

  • Evaluation can change the world in unexpected ways. Here’s how.

  • The big WHY behind evaluation.

  • What’s your role? Evaluation can be useful for everyone from marketing and communications, to development, to board of directors.

  • That’s not what we were expecting! A discussion on evaluation and ethics.