Logic Models

Blank Logic Model Template // Source: Vantage Evaluation

Online Logic Model Course: Enhancing Program Performance with Logic Models // Source: University of Wisconsin, Extension School

Logic Model Development Guide // Source: W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Logic Model Example Library // Source: University of Wisconsin, Extension School

Theory of Change

Guidance for Developing a Theory of Change for Your Programme // Source: Centre for Social Action Innovation Fund (CSAIF)

An Introduction to Theory of Change // Source: Evaluation Exchange

Theory of Change: A Practical Tool for Action, Results and Learning // Source: The Annie E. Casey Foundation

Six Theory of Change Pitfalls to Avoid // Source: The Stanford Social Innovation Review

Theory of Change Example Library // Source: Center for Theory of Change

Logic Models vs. Theory of Change

Picture This: Writing a Theory of Change of Logic Model // Source: Grantcraft

Program Mapping

Vantage Program Map PPT Template // Source: Vantage Evaluation