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Our team grew up in the nonprofit sector. Each and every one of us pair our evaluation expertise with a firsthand understanding of the world you live in.



Elena Harman, PhD

Elena takes the big-picture view of how Vantage’s work transforms how evaluation is used and perceived. She pushes everyone around her to think bigger about what evaluation can be, and how it can help improve our communities. With an encyclopedic knowledge of research and evaluation methods, Elena supports and advises the evaluation team on all projects. She connects the dots between data sources and projects. Elena has dedicated her life to Colorado and evaluation as a means to improve the lives of state residents. She brings a deep expertise of systems, nonprofits, and foundations in Colorado, as well as how to engage diverse audiences in a productive conversation about evaluation.


Aisha Rios, PhD

Aisha is our resident ethnographic guru, specializing in how to integrate qualitative sources in unexpected ways.


Kayla Brooks, MA

Kayla is a pro at making sense of messy data, and pushes us to take our quantitative analysis skills to the next dynamic level.


Laura Sundstrom, MSW

Laura specializes in building evaluation capacity, helping clients understand the “why” behind evaluation tasks, and leaves an impressive trail of evaluation skills wherever she goes.


Morgan Cook, BFA
Chief of Staff

Morgan is our Jill-of-all-trades, supporting project work with beautiful graphic design and leading all our non-evaluation efforts, such as culture building, office management, implementing systems and process, and marketing.


Morgan Valley, PhD

Morgan is a recovering researcher, skilled in bringing mixed methodologies and advanced data synthesis to clients in way they can understand and use.


Stacie Hanson, MSW

Stacie brings social work to evaluation, specializing in navigating tense and sensitive topics gracefully within qualitative data methodologies.


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