Our passion for impact drives us


Misunderstandings and fear about evaluation can get in the way of positive change.

So, we are on a mission to cultivate vibrant evaluation habits.



We focus on three key areas to improve how evaluation is done and perceived:


External evaluation

Like healthy leaves, thriving evaluation projects exist only with a strong trunk and root system.


Building evaluation capacity

A solid trunk is cultivated by infusing evaluation skills and thinking into the day-to-day work of organizations.


Creating a shared understanding

A strong root system built through changing the way people think about evaluation. Evaluation is about learning, not accountability.



We see and do things a bit differently


Evaluation is about learning and improving

The way we see it, evaluation isn’t about collecting and reporting data—instead, it’s a shared process focused on learning and improving. We are here to amplify your work, not judge you.

Our evaluations highlight the strengths you can build upon and activities that aren’t working. As a result, your organization can confidently take action to improve the quality and impact of your work.


We make evaluation fun, not burdensome

When you partner with us, we promise you’ll find love for evaluation and come to see data as your friend, because we make evaluation useful and have fun in the process.

Evaluation is all we do—our passion for this work is contagious.


We make data sing

Our reports lead with actionable insights, rather than burying you with numbers. We only use jargon when we absolutely have to, providing visuals to explain it. Think of us as data translators.


We take a teaching approach to everything we do

We take the radical view that everyone can be taught evaluation. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and teaching others—it’s essential to achieve our vision of evolving how evaluation is done and perceived. We sneak capacity building into every project.


We strive to be Colorado’s leading partner, resource, and voice for evaluation