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We take the radical view that everyone can be taught evaluation.

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Trainings Brought to You


Bringing evaluation know-how to you

We have training topics ready to go, which we can customize and bring to your team or a cohort of nonprofit partners.


Let’s start with the fundamentals:


Focusing Your Evaluation


You want to do an evaluation, but don’t know where to start? Take a step back from the day-to-day and use this opportunity to focus your evaluation.

  • Define your program

  • Develop key evaluation questions that get at what you really want to know


Strengthening Your Survey Design Skills


A well-written survey generates substantial, actionable data. Design high-quality surveys by understanding:

  • When surveys are most appropriate

  • Key principles for writing surveys

  • Best practices of structuring surveys

  • How-to tips on survey distribution

This training can also be combined with content on survey analysis.


Designing & Conducting Qualitative Evaluations


Sometimes, we get the most illuminating, rich information from going out and talking with people!

  • Learn how to design and conduct interviews and focus groups to make the best use of time for everyone involved.

  • Understand the process for designing and conducting interviews and focus groups from start to finish, including selecting a topic (and what makes a good topic for interviews or focus groups), writing questions, facilitation skills and grasping the nuts and bolts of interview and focus group logistics.

This training can also be combined with content on qualitative analysis.


Looking for something more?

Our evaluation fundamentals, explained above, are the most cost-effective to start with, but other training topics we offer include:

  • Evaluating Collaborations

  • Presenting Data Effectively

  • Putting Evidence to Work: Evidence-Based Program Design

  • Position-Specific Training:

    • What Board Members Need to Know about Evaluation

    • What Development Staff Need to Know about Evaluation

    • What Communications Staff Need to Know about Evaluation

    • What Nonprofit Leadership Needs to Know about Evaluation

    • What Funders Need to Know about Evaluation


Want something completely customized?


We can also work with you to develop an evaluation training specific to your needs!

Anything evaluation-related is our bread and butter.

Let’s get started


We are excited to discuss your needs and co-develop a training plan.

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Upcoming Conference Workshops


Find us at an upcoming conference or event


American Evaluation Association Conference // Cleveland, Ohio
October 31 - November 3

Game Changers: Lessons from Small Evaluation Firms | Wednesday 4:30pm–5:30pm
Leaders of three women-owned evaluation firms from across the United States will join together to share and discuss their evaluation companies’ game-changing moments. Topics will include hiring evaluators and research staff, marketing ‘niche’ consulting, business efficiency systems that work for evaluation, budgeting for effective project work, how to partner with other evaluators, and other administrative business concerns. Participants will leave the session with practical tips, specific tools, and new ideas on how to improve the systems and quality of their evaluation consulting businesses.

Through the Screen: Tips for Virtual Facilitation in Evaluation | Thursday 2:45pm–3:30pm
How often have you sat in silence on a video meeting, waiting for someone to talk? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to facilitate a virtual focus group, but are nervous to try? Technology has made it possible to get people from all over the world into the same space. But it is not enough to just have the technology, you have to know how to use it and adjust your facilitation style to the format. This session will highlight the different ways that evaluators can use virtual facilitation - from focus groups to facilitating learning to meetings. We will discuss when it is appropriate to use virtual facilitation and lessons learned about what works and what doesn’t. We will share tips for promoting engagement, pros and cons of technology options, and logistics that need to be considered when preparing for virtual facilitation.

How We Speak Truth Matters: Examining Power, Knowledge, and Evaluation Discourses Through an Anthropological Lens | Thursday 3:45pm–4:45pm
As anthropologists working in public health and evaluation for over five years, we have been privy to various ways scientific truths, funding, and stakeholder interests inform the production and dissemination of evaluation findings. From the development of evaluation questions to methodology selection, anthropologists offer evaluation teams a skill-set grounded in a long-standing disciplinary analysis of power that can shepherd decision-making to ensure evaluation questions and analytic methods do not ellide over power dynamics. If the framing of evaluation questions does not include an investigation of socio-political and economic factors in the shaping and delivery of public health programs, the relationship of these factors to, and impact on, public health research and programming will be missed. Drawing on past evaluation experiences, we investigate the relationship between evaluation question design, methodologies, and conceptualizations of rigor and objectivity, to facilitate a deeper examination of approaches to accountability, use, valuing, truth, and best practices.  

What Happens Afterwards? Ways to De-brief with Clients | Friday 5:45pm–6:45pm
The challenge of post-project de-briefs is made more complex by a growing evaluation team. How does an evaluation firm understand the impact of individual projects, monitor and increase work quality, and cultivate ongoing relationships with clients as a company and as individuals? What elements are left to the project manager and what role does firm leadership play? Dr. Harman will share lessons and examples from multiple iterations of an internal and external debrief process developed as her team grew from one to seven. She will focus exclusively on activities that occur after the contract ends. She will share the pros and cons of different approaches, processes for culling lessons across projects, and strategies to maintain client and evaluation team engagement in reflection after the formal contract has ended.